New Umrah Visa Saudi Arabian policy for 2016 -2017

PassportImageSaudi Ministry of Hajj has implemented new Umrah visa policy starting from Moharram of 2016 for new Umrah season. If anyone have performed Umrah within last 3 years then must pay $545/person 9 SR 2000 + $10 processing fee). That will also apply to infant and child. Below is the link for it. It is not a happy news for Umrah Travelers but there is no choice left after this new umrah policy.


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When Umrah season & visa 2017 starting


Umrah season has already started. Labaik Tours is among the first one helping travelers to get Umrah Visa.  For best guidance, if you wish to perform Umrah this year just put your reliance on experience agents like Labaik Tours. Remember cheapest is not always the best but quality wins!!
Performing the Umrah is no more only a dream now, you can choose cheapest Umrah packages and get your bags packed to set off for the holy destination, that’s too living in your budget now. Umrah packages are available from $399 per person up to $999 depending on the accommodation and closeness to main location.  Here is the program available for Umrah 2016 and 2017

Umrah program calendar 2016 – 2017


Labaik Tours Umrah Program 2016 – 2017

Labaik Tours pleased to announced Umrah season 2016 – 2017 Program schedule. contact us for advance booking and get up to $150 discount person. visit

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Day by Day itinerary for Labaik tours Umrah group

                           Day by Day Trip Itinerary for December Umrah Group



Dec 23 Departure from JFK Airport via Saudi Airline.   (Weight allowance: 1 Booked baggage/person up to 25 KG).  Wear Eharam in flight approximately 6 hours before arrival time and before the Meqat. For men, use the room dedicated for Salah to change your Ehram.  Pray 2 Rakah nafil and make intention of Umrah. 

Note: make sure to carry Eharam with you in your hand luggage and do not book with booked luggage.

Dec 24 Arrival at Jeddah Airport.  Please be prepare to be waited in long lines and slow processing by Saudi Immigration staff. Be patience, keep busy yourself in Talbiyah ( Labaik Allahumma Labaik…….) 

We assigned your group Ameer (leader) Br. Mansuri  who should call  Jeddaah airport transport representative upon arrival at the airport and notifying them your arrival. Pick-up the luggage, pass the custom and proceed the exist gate. You may stop one more time for passport check. Show them passports if they ask. Our representative will take you to transport area.


Arrive at Movenpick Hijjar in Makkah. Get keys from the reception by showing provided booking reference ID and your passport.  Keep one passport copy with you if they ask for it. Mr. Noor will help you here to get room access.  Relax for few hours if you like.  Get ready to perform Umrah. No need to wait for all members to go as group for Umrah unless you wish to. If you know it already you can go at any time of your choice.   Make sure you remember your hotel building to return back.  Also fix a place where you can meet if you get lost. You must have mobile phone with Saudi SIM card. You can get one locally for cheap price. Exchange each other phone numbers for contacting.

Dec 25th to Dec  26th Start your day with Fajar prayer.  Go for breakfast in Hotel  restaurant after Sala’h. breakfast time starts from Fajar to 10 AM. 

Pray your salat with Jamat ( For men). Relax rest of the time.

Dec 27th After breakfast be ready for Ziarat Trip at  7:30 AM. Coordinate with Br. Noor a day ahead ( Ameer only)
DEC 28th Start your day with Fajar prayer.  Go for breakfast in Hotel  restaurant after Sala’h. breakfast time starts from Fajar to 10 AM. 

Pray your all sala’t with Jamat ( For men). Relax or walk around the town.

DEC 29th Pack your bags after breakfast, be ready for check out by noon time. Coordinate with Br. Noor for Ride for Madinah. Start your Journey to beautiful city of Madinah Al Munwarrah. The city of Prophet.  Pray Darood as much you can, it is also holy month of Rabbiul Awwal. 

Arrive at your Hotel Mellinium Al Aqeeq.  Get to your rooms and relax. Join 5 time sala’h.  Mens can go men’s side to present Salam to Roda-e-Rasool.  Assalamo Alaika Ya RasoolAllah, Asalamo alaika Ya Habib Allah……

Women allowed only after Ishraq and Esha prayer.

If get chance try to pray in the special area of Riyadul Janna’h which is as per the prophet part of Jannah. It’s inside the Masjid.  After Fajar prayer you can also visit grave yard  of Jannatul Baqi where so many graves of Sahaba’s and their relatives.


Dec 30th to Jan 01 Stay in Madinah, Do your daily  routine.  You can do shopping from Madinah as it’s better and cheaper her then Makkah.  Buy some dates and gift for your close ones at home. Do not buy Zam Zam.  You can only buy it from the Airport on way back as the one selling in local shops is not authorized to take on flight. 
Jan 02, 2016 Day for going to Ziarat Trip and Departure to back home.  Pack you begs. Rest after Fajar if you wish. Our representative (Noor or other) will come to pickup and take to the Ziarat Trip. After finishing Ziarat trip you will be drop off at the Madinah Airport for your return flight inshallah. 


Hajj Package 2016 Madinah first

  Hajj Package 2016  Madinah first

  from  $7495.00* 

          Limited spaces available. Reserve your package  now!!!

• Round trip airfare  Washington & NY to Saudi Arabia (Other airports available on extra price)

• Makkah Accommodation in 5 star hotel facing Haram  , (14 ZH-20 ZH) facing Haram. Breakfast and dinner

• Madinah Accomodation in 4-5 star Hotel steps away to Haram (1 ZH- 4 ZH 4  DAYS). Breakfast and dinner

• Hotel style Building near Mina for facilitating Hujjaj during hajj main days ( 4 to 14 ZH).

• Regular North America Mena Camp. Water Air-cooled tents.  Distance to Jamrat ( stonning place) is about 30 to 45 minutes walk.

• Two meals per day (Breakfast and dinner in Hotel and building).

• Two meal daily will be served during the Manasek period (8-12 ZH) at the camps. Refreshments will be available.

• Packaged meal served during Minah stay (no buffet in tents). Simple packaged and non hot meal will be served during Muzdelipha over night stay for 1 night.

• Arafat in regular North America camps.  Simple Packaged meal will be served.

• All transportation will be in Mutawaf air-conditioned buses.

• Religious Guide accompany with the group.

• Hajj seminar before and during Hajj.

• Ziarat ( Holy places) trip in Madinah

• Free hajj book

• Free Sim card one per person

• Free Hajj backpack

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Terms & conditions applies. price subject to change without notice.

Precautions for Traveling


If you then have a home alarm be sure to set it prior to going on your trip. If a neighbor has to access your property for emergencies or water plants, feed animals or fish and then make sure they have got the number for the alarm. Most alarms are programmable to enable you to enter an extra security number to incorporate just for this purpose which might be canceled on your own return. This way your original alarm number won’t be compromised.

Use automatic and programmable timers to show lights and radios don / doff while you’re away. Stagger the days the lights embark on, and hang the radio to a talk-show station. The Voices and lights will assist deter burglars.

If you could have newspaper deliveries, either cancel them or use a neighbor to bring them in for yourself a daily basis. Have others like you pick up your mail and then flyers, otherwise have the two hold the mail for you personally return.

We have realized that a UPS mailbox is specially good for this purpose when they will retain the mail available for you and there is no evidence at the house that you are away.

If you have along well with your friends or have friends and relations close by asking them to check the house regularly and in some cases park in your driveway so it’s not evident that you will be away.

If its winter, then there is likely to be snow arrange to get your snow cleared out of your driveway, even by using a prepaid service when necessary.


Leave radio stations or on television with your hotel room after you leave for that evening. Put the “do not disturb” sign on your own door when leaving. None of the works in the daytime as the maid will be to service the bedroom and turn it off, however it does work well before bed.

Do not make use of the “Please make up the surrounding” sign because this is an indication you’re not there. Keep possession of the area key along with you at all times. Most keys are cards nowadays, such as the hand an integral in unless it’s too big to cart, then it cannot be handed out to another individual.

Use caution while using the elevators and hallways through the night. If you are uncomfortable with anyone inside the elevator pretending you could have forgotten something and go back into a public floor much like the lobby or restaurant. Do not visit your own floor where they’re able to follow you to define your room or scout out any room number for later.

Use the surroundings safe for almost any valuables together with passport, house and car keys as well as your laptop when it will fit.


Be careful in crowded tourist areas, airports, bus-stations, train stations, subways, markets, festivals, etc. These places have become popular with pickpockets. Be aware of loud arguments, bumps and also other activity which can be staged to distract you while somebody else steals your wallet or handbag.

Check out your location going and turn into away from questionable areas, all cities ask them to. Remember! There are probably areas inside your own hometown you’d avoid or visit with caution

Take a prearranged day or night city tour. This can introduce you to define the main tourist areas but additionally enable one to decide which areas you might re-visit or avoid.

If using public transit sit at the driver or conductor with companions.

The pilgrimage to Mecca, The Hajj

labaik hajj groupThe pilgrimage to Mecca,  The hajj is obligatory and religious duty for all adults who’re physically and financially capable of making the journey. Hajj is the largest annual religious celebration and gathering of human being on the face of Earth.  It is the last pillar of Islam. These pillars are what every Muslim must follow and practice in order to take into account themselves practicing Muslims. Pilgrims visit the holy city of Mecca and perform the rituals through the specific days of Hajj. These days starts from the Islamic calendar dates from 1st Zil Hajj to 12 Zil Hajj.

Before coping with any Hajj packages providing company, visit its website and focus it deeply to understand sorts of services the corporation offers. There are numerous tour operators all over world offer Hajj and Umrah packages to Muslim. It is important to understand the Hajj Package type. some companies offering VIP Hajj Packages and some offering standard Hajj Package. The difference between these packages are mostly the type of Mina tents and services which a person  will get.  The tents in VIP Packages are much closer to Jamarat the place where Muslims through the stone on Devil on 10th Zil Hajj VIP Hajj packages are usually very expensive and in the range of from $9000 to $14000. While the standard packages are in the range of $6500 to $8500. Most of the time the Hotels in Makkah are same but only major difference is the tents which only required for minimum 3 days. So you have to analyze if it’s really worth to spend huge amount for getting VIP tents. I’s all depend on your budget. In Normal and non-VIP Hajj package indeed it’s convenient in VIP Tents based Hajj Package to quickly reach to stoning place while on the other hand the standard hajj packages have North American Minah tents which are at the distance of about 3 miles and which takes some times from 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach to the destination. If a person can afford VIP Package then it’s depend on him but we must not forget that the more we do hard work and walk , we get the reward on every steps. Also if we wants to do hajj according to sunnah then we must not forget how the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his companion use to perform hajj 1400 years ago. An the reward for this type of hajj is also very high. An accepted Hajj has reward nothing but Janna’h the paradise. So this is a person’s choice how much luxury hajj he wants or wants to follow the foot steps of the Rasool-Allah Salllaho alaihay wasalam.


Companies offering Hajj Packages 2015. Many of them having offices in East coast and west coast both. Here is some companies recommandations

Service Provider                Packages offered

Daral Salam                        5 star but very pricey            VIP Packages only

Adam Tours                         4 star medium price              Standard and VIP

Labaik Tours                        4 star, cheaper price             Standard Deluxe and Economy  Hajj & Umrah                   1-866-565-8040

Sara Travel                           4.5 star  very pricey                VIP and standard




Hajj 2015 application & Pre-Registration

As per an independent survey, approximately 6000 people could not travel for Hajj in 2014. There are few main reasons which are as below:

1) Shortage of Hajj quote by 20% due to Holy Haram expansion project

2) Heavily increasing demand and desire to go for Hajj among Muslims in USA and around the world

3) Less number of reliable Hajj companies with their limited Hajj visa quota.

It is estimated that 2015 will also be another tough year to get on board for Hajj as many people who could not go are in waiting que. Many travel agencies in United states are already pre-sold for Hajj 2015. It is not recommended to wait till last minute to get cheaper deals but to get pre-registered for Hajj with a reputable company.

Labaik Tours, an IATA licensed and accredited Travel agency has started taking Hajj 2015 applications.

You can find Hajj application form here: Hajj application form

or call 1-866-565-8040